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  • 22 Oct 21

Sen. Steve Daines in The Western News: Defending Montanans from the Democrats’ tax and spend spree

Their bill also supports Biden’s attack on “Made in Montana” energy. It’s not enough that the president already killed the Keystone XL pipeline — he wants to go further and pass Sanders’ Green New Deal policies aimed at eliminating oil, gas and coal completely. We should be doing all we can to support an all-of-the-above […]

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  • 18 Oct 21

Houston Chronicle: Balance industry action, regulation to achieve climate goals

By Amy Andryszak, CEO of INGAA and Chris Romer, CEO and Founder of Project Canary We appreciate workable methane regulations that continue the progress our members and organizations are currently making. But adding more taxes on natural gas will only divert resources away from meaningful investments in technology that enable and accelerate actual emissions reductions. […]

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  • 14 Oct 21

The State Journal: Now is the time to boost manufacturing, not over-tax it

By Dean Cordle, president and CEO of AC&S Inc. The natural gas tax supported by some in congressional leadership will increase the cost of energy at every step from production to consumption, which means it will be a new tax levied on all Americans. In West Virginia, our citizens can ill afford new taxes on […]

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  • 1 Oct 21

Odessa American: Reconciliation bill stirs rhubarb

Pfluger, Pruett, TIPRO excoriate Biden’s plan Texas political leaders and oil and gas producers are fighting President Biden’s proposed budget reconciliation bill with all the force they can muster, saying the bill’s energy-related measures would severely damage the nation. … Pruett said the reconciliation bill “has provisions designed to put U.S. oil and gas producers […]

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  • 27 Sep 21

Daily Advertiser: Letter: $3.5 trillion budget bill would harm oil and gas industry

By Gifford Briggs, Gulf Coast Region Director, American Petroleum Institute The U.S. Congress is currently considering a $3.5 trillion budget bill that includes punitive tax and policy measures that will harm American workers and consumers and increase our dependence on foreign energy. A proposed natural gas tax and provisions disincentivizing federal oil and gas development would not only weaken […]

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  • 26 Sep 21

San Antonio Express News: Commentary: Methane tax threat to Texas economy

By Ed Longanecker, President of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association A punishing national energy tax is included in the behemoth $3.5 trillion reconciliation package under consideration in Congress. Under the guise of reducing emissions, the tax singles out petroleum and natural gas production and could cripple small Texas operators and all consumers. […]

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  • 24 Sep 21

GoErie: Op-Ed: National energy tax burdens consumers, hinders environmental progress

By David Callahan, Charlie Burd and Matthew Hammond Despite repeated pledges from President Biden not to increase taxes on working class families, Congress is weighing new energy tax provisions that would be shouldered by all Americans, harm energy job creators, and discourage innovation in the technologies needed to achieve broad climate objectives. Make no mistake, […]

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  • 23 Sep 21

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Congress in rush to pass methane tax

By Tom Melcher, Business manager, Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council and Co-chair, Pittsburgh Works Together Why is Congress rushing to pass a punitive methane leakage tax to be levied against the natural gas industry as part of the $3.5 trillion social-spending budget reconciliation package? Such a tax will deter the development and job benefits of […]