• Energy Tax Facts
  • 23 Sep 21

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Congress in rush to pass methane tax

By Tom Melcher, Business manager, Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council and Co-chair, Pittsburgh Works Together

Why is Congress rushing to pass a punitive methane leakage tax to be levied against the natural gas industry as part of the $3.5 trillion social-spending budget reconciliation package?

Such a tax will deter the development and job benefits of the natural gas industry in our region.

This punitive and regressive methane emissions tax will:

• Cause exceptional harm to the oil and natural gas industry while propping up renewable energy sources which to date have proven to be unreliable and far more expensive.

• Raise the price of energy for consumers and businesses, especially impacting low- and fixed-income households.

• Diminish the tremendous economic and environmental benefits derived from the hundreds of thousands of people work directly and indirectly for the industry in the Appalachian Basin…