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  • 5 Oct 21

TribLive: Punitive natural gas tax risks U.S. energy leadership, economic recovery

By Stephanie Catarino Wissman, executive director of the American Petroleum Institute Pennsylvania As Congress continues to craft a sweeping budget reconciliation bill, provisions within the package threaten to undermine American energy leadership and could potentially lead to higher costs. And few places will feel the pinch like Pennsylvania, the second-largest producer of natural gas in […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 23 Sep 21

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Congress in rush to pass methane tax

By Tom Melcher, Business manager, Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council and Co-chair, Pittsburgh Works Together Why is Congress rushing to pass a punitive methane leakage tax to be levied against the natural gas industry as part of the $3.5 trillion social-spending budget reconciliation package? Such a tax will deter the development and job benefits of […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 12 Jun 14

Washington Times (Op-Ed): Unfair efforts to punish the oil industry with taxes

The small and independent energy companies that have driven welcome developments such as the shale-gas boom in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas and elsewhere could be hit hard, too. Various proposals to alter percentage depletion and intangible drilling cost write-offs, tax-law sections that have equivalents in many other industries, are of special concern to them.