• Energy Tax Facts
  • 14 Oct 21

The State Journal: Now is the time to boost manufacturing, not over-tax it

By Dean Cordle, president and CEO of AC&S Inc.

The natural gas tax supported by some in congressional leadership will increase the cost of energy at every step from production to consumption, which means it will be a new tax levied on all Americans.

In West Virginia, our citizens can ill afford new taxes on the fuels they need to heat their homes and go to work and the materials that allow them to live their lives.

Our manufacturers have been persevering through the pandemic with razor-thin margins, determined to help lead our economy to the other side.

Now is not the time to experiment with tax policies that are guaranteed to decimate segments of our economy just to appease certain political bases.

Instead, we hope Congress realizes now is the time to support manufacturing and build it up the way we build things every day. Double-down on us — don’t double-tax us.