• Energy Tax Facts
  • 18 Jul 16

Chairman Brady Releases Tax Reform Proposal

This June, House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) released the framework of a major tax reform proposal. This proposal addresses reforms to corporate, individual and international tax policy. Chairman Brady has developed this proposal to initiate efforts to reform the current federal tax code in order to make taxes fairer to the American citizen, to simplify the tax code to encourage American economic growth and prosperity and to make America more internationally competitive.

Chairman Brady intends to work the remainder of the 114th Congress to adjust this proposal to reflect information that he and the Ways and Means Committee receive on its impact on American individuals and businesses. He plans to aggressively act early in 2017 in order to pursue tax reform in the 115th Congress.

IPAA has reached out to Chairman Brady to assure him that over the coming months the association will work with him to achieve these objectives and our shared interest in sustaining a tax code that enhances American oil and natural gas exploration and production. IPAA will continue to monitor activity and provide updates on the Energy Tax Facts site.