• Energy Tax Facts
  • 21 May 13

Independents Support Record U.S. Energy Output

This week, the International Energy Association (IEA) released a report stating that North American energy development is redefining our global energy outlook, and “reaching all recesses of the global oil market.” More American energy is displacing OPEC supplies and enhancing national energy security while boosting the economy and altering the geopolitics of global oil supply […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 18 Apr 13

Houston Chronicle Editorial Takes On Administration’s Energy Outlook

The facts are in — the President’s proposed budget is taking aim at the wrong industry.  America’s oil and natural gas producers are providing jobs while safely developing secure, energy here at home.  The result is fueling an otherwise anemic economy, providing affordable fuel for manufacturers, and decreasing our reliance on foreign, often unstable, energy […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 15 Apr 13

IPAA Submits Comments to Energy Tax Working Group

 On Friday, the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) submitted comments to Congressmen Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Mike Thompson (D-CA), members of the House Ways & Means Energy Tax Reform Working Group, noting the important role of the tax code in affecting the future exploration and production of America’s oil and natural gas resources. From […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 9 Apr 13

Welcome to Energy Tax Facts

Welcome to the Energy Tax Facts website, brought to you by the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA). This website is part of a broader education and outreach campaign to help people understand the facts about US energy taxes. Energy Tax Facts will focus on the various tax issues facing America’s independent oil and natural […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 8 Apr 13

Get the Facts on Energy Taxes

As the conversation about our nation’s budget continues on, the issue of taxes and subsidies is often at the front lines of debate. Unfortunately, the real facts surrounding American energy are often left on the sidelines. In reality, America’s oil and natural gas producers do not receive a single dollar in taxpayer subsidies. In fact, […]

  • Energy Tax Facts
  • 14 Feb 13

Administration wrong on oil and natural gas tax provisions

**Originally featured in The Hill** The role America’s energy producers play in advancing our economy continues to be alternately ignored and mischaracterized. Recent comments from the Administration on oil and natural gas tax provisions demonstrate a deeply flawed understanding of the U.S. tax code as it pertains to the thousands of independent producers that ensure […]